We want to live in a safe community, where people are civil, respectful, open, and responsible to and for one another.  We believe restorative justice practices can further that vision by creating opportunities for amends to be made for wrongs done, and breaches in reciprocity between citizens can be repaired by providing means to restore the balance in relationships.


The Community Restorative Justice Center is committed to providing a safe environment for neighbors and parties to resolve conflict in our communities, to restore relationships, and to take responsibility to repair harms caused. We promote the principles of victim-informed restorative justice that transforms practices in workplace, school, institution, and living spaces throughout Caledonia and Essex counties.

The CRJC is committed to providing a safe environment for resolving conflicts and to promoting restorative justice and victim sensitivity throughout the entire community, based on the following principles:

Crimes and disputes are best resolved in the local communities where they occur.

The victim has special needs and claims that are at the center of the resolution process.

The offender has an opportunity to understand the impact of the crime, express remorse and repair the harm done to the victim and to the wider community.

Community members have a right to feel safe, respected and involved in the issues that affect their quality of life and sense of personal well being.