Offender Reentry

The Offender Reentry Program serves individuals from Caledonia County and southern Essex Counties reentering the community after incarceration. Restorative Justice assists individuals to take responsibility for their actions, repair damage to victims and community, and make plans to not re-offend.


Circles of Support and Accountability are small teams of 3 to 5 volunteers and the Reentry Coordinator that meet once weekly for a period of one year to provide a circle of support and accountability to offenders that are re-entering the community.

CoSA has four primary goals:

1. To improve community and victim safety.

2. To improve the coordination of the support, service and community connections for the individual.

3. To establish and maintain clear expectations in regards to healthy and postitive community behaviors.

4. To repair the relationships between the individual and the community by facilitating restorative activities and restitution of harm accomplished through various means.

The Reentry Program offers navigation services to offenders reentering the community; family support; education; restorative justice panels and CoSA. Referrals to the reentry or restorative reintegration program are received from the local probation and parole office.

Contact:  Susan Russell, Offender Reentry Program Coordinator


Direct line: 802-745-1363