From time to time The Community Restorative Justice Center sponsors conflict resolution training for individuals who want to volunteer in its programs or just learn the techniques. Training is usually free for CRJC volunteers but carries an obligation to volunteers once trained.

Training is offered in the following areas:

Reparative Board Member – This is a Vermont Department of Corrections training held in 4 three-hour sections over four nights. The four sections are: A Personal Tour of Restorative Justice, Honoring the Victim Experience, Exploring the Vermont Criminal Justice System, and Basic Restorative Justice Panel Process. Successful completion makes an individual eligible to be a Reparative Board member anywhere in the State of Vermont, subject to acceptance by the local program administering the Boards.

Group Conference Facilitator – This training qualifies participants to lead or co-lead group conferences, subject to acceptance by the CRJC. The training we use is based on the Real Justice facilitation model and is a one-day training, with required background reading prior to the training for those not versed in restorative justice principles.

CoSA Member – This training consists of eleven hours spread over two days, held across the region at various community justice centers throughout the year. This training helps prepare citizens to become members of a Circle of Support and Accountability or CoSA. CoSA is comprised of a group of 3 – 5 individuals who meet weekly with a returning offender (called a core member) to provide support for positive decision-making and accountability for their actions. Once trained, CoSA members are ready for assignment to a circle for a specific core member.  CoSA members meet once weekly for up to a year with the core member and may, over time, take part in community activities with the individual.  CoSA trainings rotate throughout the state and are generally held in our district twice a year.

School Professional Development – This training is focused on whole school implementation of restorative practices. A half day orientation to the program is available as well as longer and more in-depth programs. The Summer Institute is an intensive program at Lake Morey Resort in August. Contact the Executive Director for more information.