We are always looking for volunteers to help help with our programs. Free training is available for all volunteers. Generally volunteers are trained by Dept. of Corrections staff and Justice center staff.

Reparative Panel Volunteer.

Volunteering as a reparative panel member only requires 1-2 hours one time per month. As a volunteer you will sit on a community panel with 3-5 other community members and meet with offenders who as a condition of probation must attend the panel meetings for successful completion of their conditions of probation. This is a valuable and very interesting volunteer opportunity.

COSA Volunteer.

COSA’s are Circles of Support and Accountability. A COSA volunteer will meet weekly with a COSA group with an offender who has recently been released from prison. The group helps the offender reintegrate back into the community. Meetings last an hour one time per week.



We have no openings at the moment, but thank you for checking.

If you would like to know how you can become involved, please contact the CRJC for more information.