Safe Driving Program

Upcoming dates for the next Safe Driving Program:

To be announced

At the CRJC, 576 Railroad St., St. Johnsbury.

Pre-registration is required. There is a $50.00 fee for this program.

The Safe Driving Program is sponsored by The Community Restorative Justice Center. This is an educational program designed to teach you about the real consequences of unsafe, impaired, and/or distracted driving. You will learn how unsafe driving affects you, your family, and members of the community. Presentations are given by victims of drunk driving crashes and drivers who have been responsible for alcohol related crashes.

This program was originally designed by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). We have modified the program to focus on all types of behaviors that impact road safety. We want to emphasize that we see a difference between the behavior (deed) of driving while impaired or distracted and the person who does it (the doer). We are condemning the behavior; not the person. We believe people can change habits when given information that is meaningful and relate-able.

Our goal is to motivate you to take responsibility for yourself and others when you drive, to think about changing your behaviors, and to inspire you to develop your own plan for how you can be a safe driver on the road. This means that if you are going to drive, you will not use substances that will impair your judgement or reaction times, text, or engage in other distracting behaviors that will make you an unsafe driver and potentially injure or kill yourself or others.

Generally, referrals for the Safe Driving Program are court ordered or ordered by reparative panels, but anyone can attend. Attendees must attend both nights to get credit for the program.

To sign up for the Safe Driving Program contact Neil Favreau at 802-748-2977.